Joining The Team

Detonate is an amazing children’s holiday club that begins the summer with a bang!

It’s run by Christians from the local churches.  We aim to introduce the children to God, to explore the Bible with them and to help them look to Jesus as their special friend – all in a fun-filled week with sport, drama, craft and music.

Whether you are a seasoned member of the Detonate team or have never helped before, we are inviting you to be part of this year’s Detonate.  We expect to attract up to 280 children so we need lots of helpers to make sure we give every child the individual love and encouragement they need.

Important Information

The Team Day starts at 9:00am and ends with a debrief session at 3:45pm.  The children arrive at staggered intervals from 10am. If you are working with a children’s group you will be with them for most of the day as they require supervision over lunch.  You will need to bring lunch with you.

There is a wide range of jobs we need to fill, we can normally accommodate you even if you can only offer half a day.   So please don’t hesitate to apply.

You need to be responsible, sensible with children, ready for hard work, enthusiastic and excited about enjoying a great week.

There are 3 sets of Team Members who work directly with the children and are with them most, if not all of the day and in all roles a positive attitude is vital.  Please note the school year requirements for the Team.

  • Small Group Leaders (SGL), Yr 11+ – Adult. Leaders look after a group of 8-10 children guiding them through the day’s activities with prepared materials
  • Small Group Helpers (SGH), Yr 8+– adult. Helpers work in small groups supporting an SGL.  In the Red Group we ask that Helpers be in Year 10 or older.
  • Activity Teams. These help with Games and Craft.

Each SGL must be a committed Christian and have a living relationship with Jesus.

For other Team members some knowledge of the Bible is helpful.  While you may not be certain what you believe about God, if you are happy that we run on a Christian basis, you are welcome to join our Team.

We hold an important Training Day on Saturday 23rd July at 2pm when you get a chance to meet your allocated team.  Please put this in your diary.

If you can only offer a few hours, you could help with

·        Early Birds: Taking care of Team Members’ children from 8:30 to 10:30 am
·        Refreshments: For both children and team members
·        Day Security: Welcoming children at the gates and manning them throughout day

Also, could you or another member of your household help before and after Detonate or give up a late afternoon or night to ensure the security of the site?   Please e-mail or fill in the form; state what role you can help with and provide a telephone number for the relevant team leader to make contact.  You must be over 18 for site security, and over 16 for setting up (Saturday 23rd) or taking down (4pm Friday 29th July).

As a Team Member your children will have:

  • Priority booking – to guarantee a place for them you must fill in a full Children’s Application form for each child when booking opens.
  • A place in Early Birds – a session run for Team members’ children only. Please enter their names on the form in the relevant section.
  • If you have a Year 7 child, they can be considered for a place on the Team while you are on site. Please complete a separate Team Application form for them and attach it to yours.   This does not extend to the children of friends.

To ensure the safety and well-being of children attending Detonate we need a record of all people on site, everyone is therefore required to fill in this form.  

The information is kept confidential and, except under the compulsion of law, will be seen only by the volunteer co-ordinators appointed by the Detonate Committee.

DBS Certificates (formerly CRB).  These are required for all Team members who are 16 or over at the start of Detonate, and who have direct contact with the children attending or are on site during the day.  If you do not have an in-date Certificate from St Alban’s Diocese, please contact us on the email as soon as possible so that we can help organise this for you.

Fill out my online form.

Thank you for considering being on team at Detonate.